Effingham County seeks to create sanctuary for 2nd Amendment


EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WAND) — When it comes to gun advice, Levi Slater shoots straight.

His candor has helped him build Accuracy Firearms into an Effingham staple for gun enthusiasts.

“We’re southern Illinois people,” Slater said. “We come from all walks of life and it seems like we get a lot of laws crammed down on us and they don’t appear to be very well thought out.”

And that’s where some members of the Effingham County Board want to step in.

“Effingham County is a gun-friendly county,” said vice chairman David Campbell.

Campbell proposed a resolution to make Effingham County a sanctuary county — not for undocumented immigrants — but for gun owners.

“We’re standing with the Second Amendment firmly and we’re backing the Constitution,” Campbell said.

However, this resolution won’t have the firepower to strike down any laws passed in Springfield. But the board hopes other cities and counties will follow suit and bring additional pressure on lawmakers to vote against more gun control.

“If it is in their county’s interest to join, they should simply because if you take away someone’s Second Amendment rights…what’s to stop them from limiting your First Amendment rights?” asked board chairman Jim Niemann.

And Slater is on board with the resolution too, hoping it will allow his business to stay on target.

“This is really more of a symbolic message to the state and the governor’s office that ‘hey, leave our Second Amendment rights alone,’” Slater said.

The Effingham County Board will vote on the resolution on April 16. If it passes, it will be the second such resolution passed in the state, following Iroquois County.

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