Student advocates travel to the Capitol, fighting for change


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - College students from across the state gathered at the capitol to speak with state legislators about making college more affordable. 

Representatives allowed the students to voice their concerns and recommend improvements for the future. One lawmaker is fighting to give every student an equal chance. 

State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D) says a college degree is a vital part of having professional success and going out in the work force.

Over the years, funds for schooling have shifted from the state government to students.

Guzzardi says in order to shift the balance back in favor of the students, the state will have to change the way it collects revenue.

Students like Oscar Sanchez came from Chicago to have their voices heard. The 20-year-old hopes to lessen the college burden for future generations. 

"The main advocates I'm for, is for my family, especially for my younger siblings," Sanchez says. "I'm not here to represent Oscar, I'm here to represent Omar Sanchez and Franciso Sanchez, because they will be affected by this in the future."

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