Hospital effort finds hotel rooms for out-of-town patients

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A program helps cancer patients find a place to stay when receiving cancer treatment in Decatur.

Decatur Memorial Hospital partnered with the American Cancer Society to provide hotel rooms for people coming from out of town for cancer-related treatment at the DMH Cancer Care Institute. Interested people must have a permanent residence and need to have a companion with them who can help them take care of personal needs or travel.

The DMH Cancer Care Institute program offers rooms at an unnamed hotel in Forsyth.

“More than 30 percent of our patients travel from outside Macon County,” said DMH Cancer Care Institute Executive Director Calvin Robinson. “To obtain easy access to our facility, we have partnered with the American Cancer Society to ease the financial burden of transportation and lodging costs to out-of-town patients.”

The American Cancer Society’s Hotel Partners Program donated over 120,000 hotel stays for more than 15,000 cancer patients across the country in 2017.

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