Pond formed behind the former Air Force base poses hazard to community

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RANTOUL, Ill. (WAND) - Rantoul Mayor Chuck Smith has ordered a pond formed behind the former Chanute Air Force Base hospital to be drained. 

The large section of standing water is to be pumped out by village crews. Currently, fencing surrounds the area to keep people away from the water. 

The pond is estimated to be 10 feet deep and is filled with a large amount of debris. 

Officials say the property owner did not pay the utility bill and the power was shut off. No power lead to the electrical panels at the site becoming wet.

The mayor says pumps will be placed at the site to automatically pump out the water so the problem does not return.

Until then, a vacuum truck will pump out the water. 

The area is restricted and the public is advised to stay away from the area. 

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