Police: 'Dark web' card numbers used to buy appliances

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Lepolean Reasonover, 33 Lepolean Reasonover, 33
La'Dina Mia Coleman, 30 La'Dina Mia Coleman, 30

MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – Police say they arrested people who spent thousands of dollars with stolen credit card numbers.

Detectives became suspicious of a travel story presented by Lepolean Reasonover, 33, when they stopped a white box truck he was driving on Interstate 72. Sworn statements say a search involving K-9 officer Leeroy Jenkins led to police finding cannabis residue in the purse of 30-year-old passenger La’Dina Mia Coleman, along with over $9,000 in appliances purchased from Lowe’s.

Police say Reasonover told them he bought credit card numbers from the “dark web” for $100. They say Coleman then used the numbers to buy products from the Lowe’s store, which included refrigerators, lawn mowers, water heaters and other times. They say the two were meant to drive to Chicago and turn the truck over to an unknown person for $300 each.

Reasonover and Coleman are both in Macon County custody. They’re both charged with identity theft and possession of stolen property.

Police say they’re working with Lowe’s loss prevention on the case.

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