This yard decoration went on the vacation of a lifetime

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MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, Wa. (WAND) - A Washington State family had a lawn ornament that was stolen… but taken on the adventure of a lifetime. When the flamingo was taken, the kidnapper left a note saying: ”Had to get out of my cage for a while. On vacation, be back in a couple weeks. I’ll send pictures”

After two weeks, the family doubted the flamingo would return so they purchased a new one. But lo and behold, after the family added the newest lawn ornament, the original flamingo returned and had pictures chronicling an adventure most people would be jealous of.

Mingo the flamingo had been to Bryce Canyon, a wagon ride, spring baseball training in Arizona, the Hoover Dam, and even made it to the Flamingo Casino in Vegas.

There were pictures of him in every location and he even had his own facebook page made.

The family has no idea who flamingonapped their decoration, but are glad Mingo returned safely.

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