Take back program offers chance to return old drugs

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – People with old prescription drugs to dispose of will soon be able to hand them back.

Drug take back events are scheduled for April 28 in Macoupin and Montgomery counties. People will have the opportunity to take unused or unwanted medications to pharmacies in those areas. The goal is to keep the drugs from ending up in the hands of people who might abuse them for a high.

Take Michael Flowers, an Illinois man who dealt with a condition called concave chest as a child. After receiving medical treatment, he became addicted to painkillers.

“My grandma had a never-ending supply,” he told WAND-TV. “She lost her leg, so it was just so easy to get them.”

Take back locations are as follows:

Macoupin County

  • Bunker Hill: Michelle’s Pharmacy, 809 S. Franklin St.
  • Carlinville: Michelle’s Pharmacy, 274 N. Broad St., and Sullivan’s Drugstore, 920 W. Main St.
  • Gillespie: Michelle’s Pharmacy, 120 S. Macoupin St., and Sullivan’s Drugstore, 113 S. Macoupin St.
  • Mount Olive: Sullivan’s Drugstore, 105 W. Main St.
  • Staunton: Sullivan’s Pharmacy, 101 E. Main St.
  • Virden: Sav-Mor Pharmacy, 105 E. Jackson St.

Montgomery County

  • Hillsboro: Sullivan’s Drugstore, 325 S. Main St.
  • Litchfield: Sullivan’s Drugstore, 320 E. Union Ave.
  • Nokomis: Sav-Mor Pharmacy, 110 E. State St.
  • Raymond: Sullivan’s Drugstore, 801 N. Obannon St.

Pharmacies are taking prescriptions, Schedule II-V controlled drugs, transdermal patches, liquids and ointments, and items containing sodium bicarbonate or effervescent compounds that have be dissolved with water first. They’ll also accept pet medications, which addicts are sometimes known to turn to if other drugs are no longer available.

Hazardous materials/pharmaceuticals, medical waste, syringes and other potentially dangerous items will not be accepted.

State Sen. Andy Manar’s office says abuse of prescription drugs can lead to heroin and opioid abuse.

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