Teen keeps Fortnite focus as storm barrels in

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Photo from WXII Photo from WXII
Photo from WXII Photo from WXII

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WAND) – A possible tornado didn’t stop a North Carolina teen from focusing on his video game.

Anton Williams was playing Fortnite on Sunday night when strong winds could be seen dealing damage to neighborhood houses. He told WXII that he heard noises and watched the roof start to come off from a neighbor’s house.

He says he sat back down to try and focus on the end of his game, but took action after watching winds remove a house from its foundation. He sent his sister and nephew to the bathroom for shelter.

Even in the bathroom, Williams said he had to finish the game, but was worried about his family’s safety.

WXII says Williams was relieved to hear his neighbors were OK in the aftermath of the storm. He went outside in the end to make sure they were safe. 

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