Spring strikes out, winter flurries flourish


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — Nine-year-old Carder Laws likes to bring the heat with his fastball.

But in this endless winter, he’s having to warm up his arm more than usual.

“It’s hard to get a grip when it’s cold out,” Carder said. “It’s kind of cold but we’re still out here and trying to play.”

“When you’re throwing, you might want to have a glove so you can grip [the ball],” said teammate Kai McKay. “It’s really slippery when it’s cold like this.”

In baseball, off days are few and far between — even when snow flurries flew just hours earlier.

“If you want to play, don’t be afraid to go out and play — even if it’s cold,” said coach Matthew Laws. “Just make sure you stretch before you go out there and make sure you’re doing everything you need to do to protect yourself and everybody you’re playing with.”

The life lessons these kids are learning don’t take rain delays — or in central Illinois’ case — snow delays.

“We try to teach them the skills of the game,” Laws said. “We just try to teach them it’s all about teamwork, all about respecting one another.”

Playing, laughing and learning — no matter the forecast.

“The best part is having fun and getting  your exercise,” Kai said.

“We don’t quit,” Carder said. “We keep playing even if it’s cold out.”

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