EIU art fest returns after 2-year break


CHARLESTON, Ill. (WAND)- Eastern Illinois University’s longtime arts festival has returned after a two- year break caused by the Illinois budget impasse.

Celebration: A festival of the Arts began in 1977 and includes music, art and food.

It's become a tradition in the Spring,” said festival director Dan Crews. “We think this is the kind of event we need to celebrate another successful school year and also celebrate the role the arts play in our lives."

 Wood turner Jerry Rhoads of St. Joseph said he has been traveling to the festival since 2009.

It's one of the first ones in the spring, and it gets us out,” Rhoads said. “This show has been notorious for bad weather, but it’s been good this weekend.”

Crews said this year’s festival was meant to re-introduce the event and build for future years.

After you take a little break, it's a little bit of a do to pull everything together,” Crews said. “So this is a re-boot of Celebration.”

Rhoads said the festival’s return has drawn strong crowds.

“The crowd’s been good,” Rhoads said. “Yesterday was pretty good. There were people out of all ages, and today’s starting to get good too.”  

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