Domestic violence prevention helped with farmer's donation

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SULLIVAN, Ill. (WAND) – A farmer has donated several thousand dollars to an Illinois nonprofit group.

A $2,500 gift is going to Dove Inc., thanks to a partnership between Moultrie County farmer David Smith and the America’s Farmers Grow Communities program. Smith was able to choose where to send his donation and went with the domestic violence program.

“I would like to thank David Smith for choosing Dove to receive this generous donation,” said Moultrie County Dove Inc. Coordinator Mary Hughes. “Dove works for justice, equality and understanding among all people.”

AFGC has helped farmers donate over $29 million since starting in 2010. In 2018 alone, it has donated over $3 million. The program is sponsored by the Monsanto Fund.

Each farmer submits a request to AFGC for a chance to donate a $2,500 gift.

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