A local boy is an inspiration for book series

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A local mom and author teamed up to write a book series about a boy on the Autism spectrum. 

The Adventures of Neo book launch was on Saturday afternoon and dozens of community members stopped by Novel Ideas Books and Gifts to check out the series. 

Mia Dawson and Brenda Major teamed up to write the book series. The two say their inspiration is from Mia's son who is diagnosed on the autism spectrum. 

Dawson said her son was diagnosed when he was about 3 years-old. She explains her son was her inspiration to start the series. "There aren't many books out there about kids on the Autism spectrum." Dawson explains she wanted to create a book that isn't about therapy. 

Brenda Major is the co-author to the book series and explains that after a bunch of research she realized there aren't many books about kids on the Autism spectrum. Major got her creative writing gears grinding and started to create The Adventures of Neo. "There are things in the book that Neo my son would definitely do," Dawson explained. 

Major and Dawson say the book series is for everyone to enjoy and they hope that people may learn and lesson or two after reading them. 

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