Majority of those surveyed support tax increase to improve schools


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - The majority of those surveyed in Springfield support a countywide sales tax increase to benefit schools.

73 percent of those who responded support the 1 percent increase to improve District 186 schools.

369 people responded to the survey out of 5,000 registered-voter households contacted to participate.

The highest priority responders gave for middle and elementary schools was safety.

Responders also noted the need to improve heating and cooling systems in the schools, upgrade classrooms and replace mobile units, fix plumbing, and completely replace buildings that are deemed to be in too poor a condition to renovate.

The top priorities for high schools were renovating Springfield and Lanphier, upgrading classrooms, and the auditorium at Southeast and building an auditorium at Lanphier.

Safety improvements at Douglas Alternative was also listed as a priority.

The 1 percent sales tax increase would generate somewhere between $7 to $8 million each year for the district.

The survey cost the district $12,500 to conducted and was done by the University of Illinois Springfield.

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