Allergies could be interacting with your asthma


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) —Summer is approaching and a couple of “ah-choo’s” are roaming around.  

St. Mary’s Hospital not only explains the importance of allergies, but also how allergies can trigger your asthma.

“It is important for physicians and family members to pay attention to the elderly and young kids," said lead hospitalist Wajih Raqueem. "Often, they have super imposed infections and those infections can cause respiratory failure.”

Raqueem says anyone who is allergy-prone should stay away from pollen, dust mites or anything else that might cause any kind of skin reaction. It is important for a person to follow up with their physician and ask for an allergy test if they're not sure if they have an allergy, as they can be developed. 

Be sure to pay attention to itchy eyes, nasal congestion, ears, and most importantly, limit exposure to anything that might be causing an allergy.

If someone isn't sure if they're experiencing a cold, flu, or allergies, HSHS Medical Group Anytime Care is available 24/7 for any non-emergent conditions. First-time users can use the promo code "allergies" at, download the mobile app or call 844-391-4747.

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