Ford County collecting dead birds for West Nile testing


FORD COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Ford County officials are asking for the public's help in collecting dead birds to be tested for West Nile.

The Ford County Health Department is collecting dead birds through Oct. 15.

If you are going to collect dead birds, they should not have been dead for more than 48 hours and not be in an advanced state of decomposition.

The health department tells the public to double bag the birds and freeze them for shipping.

Birds that have obviously died from something other than disease are not accepted. This includes birds with wounds, that are crushed, or found on roadways.

The birds must also be one of the species acceptable for submission which include Blue Jays, Robins, Grackles, Starlings, Owls, Cardinals, Sparrows, Finches, and Hawks. Birds that are not acceptable include Pigeons, Geese, Chickens, Ducks, other large birds, and endangered species.

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