Indiana couple donates Lincoln documents to museum

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – An Indiana couple has given the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Lincoln artifacts.
The documents include a pass that permits a mother and two sisters to visit prisoners of war.
Each pass is about the size of a business card and allowed the bearer to visit a relative at Fort Delaware, which held about 33,000 Confederates during the war. 
Single Card“Allow Mrs. D.R. Burbank to visit her brother Capt J. N. Taylor, now a prisoner of War at Fort Delaware. June 13, 1864 A. Lincoln,” said the first of the two passes.
The second pass says, “Allow the bearer, Mrs. Settle, with her daughter to visit her son, at Fort Delaware, Nov. 12, 1864 A. Lincoln.”
The passes have been in the family of Hank and Anna Dowler since the end of the Civil War.
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