Cracked window forces plane to change course

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Photo from NBC Chicago Photo from NBC Chicago

CLEVELAND (WAND) – A cracked airplane window forced a quick landing for a flight that was leaving Illinois.

Pilots on Flight 957, a Boeing 737 plane, decided to land in Cleveland instead of heading from Chicago to New Jersey. Passengers heard a popping noise along a window, causing several people to quickly move away from the seats closest to it.

A large crack can be seen in a picture of the window posted to social media and attached to this story.

Southwest Airlines took the Boeing 737 out of service. Company spokeswoman Brandy King says that flight did not have any other mechanical issues and never lost cabin pressure.

Southwest is already losing at least $50 million in ticket sales after a broken window caused New Mexico woman Jennifer Riordan, 43, to be partially sucked out of a different plane on April 17. Riordan died from her injuries. In that situation, the National Transportation Safety Board says it thinks an engine blade snapped, causing debris to fly at the window and break it.

The Federal Aviation Administration says more jet engines need to be tested after the woman’s death.

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