Consignment shop for new moms expands

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - From One Mother to Another has added something new.

The business on Mount Zion Road offers everything a child needs from head to toe, including strollers and more.

Jan and Ed Swope took over the business three years ago and have now expanded with another room for to display larger items like a Minnie Mouse child's bed.

Jan says her passion is children. She and Ed have 10 grandchildren.

The consignment shop has 2 to 3 thousand items at any given time.

Jan says the consignment is an any process.

She says, "A good  90 days at the end of that season the cosigner has the option of what dies not sell either return to her or say don't want just donate it we use New Life Pregnancy Center to donate to."

Ed says the business gives them a purpose everyday in retirement and the joy of helping families and watching their kids grow.

Any interested person can reach One Mother to Another at (217)864-3099 or find them on Facebook.

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