Board officially shoots down academy proposal

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) – A school district has officially denied a plan for a Champaign charter school.

The Unit 4 school board voted 6-1 Wednesday to not allow the creation of North Champaign Academy. That project was meant to help students from families dealing with financial issues and those who have poor grades with improvement. The school would have been built in the 1400 block of West Anthony Dr.

An agenda for the Wednesday meeting said the Unit 4 board had concerns about the proposal’s construction, saying it did not meet charter school law standards. Backers of the project say they’ll now go back to the drawing board and write up a new proposal. 

Board members also said the people behind the academy plan couldn’t answer their questions well enough. They originally received a 20-page report about the project from its leaders. 

The academy was expected to focus on students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

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