Settlement reached in arrest of black men at Starbucks

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PHILADELPHIA (WAND) – Two black men who police arrested as they sat in a Starbucks have settled with Philadelphia leaders.

A manager, who Starbucks no longer employs, called police after seeing Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson, both 23, sit down and not order anything on . A video circulating on social media shows officers handcuffing the men and taking them into custody. The men were with police for eight hours.

Robinson and Nelson were waiting for a business partner for a meeting in the restaurant, who came to the store as police led the men away.  

They’ve settled for a symbolic $2 gesture, along with the creation of a $200,000 grant to help young entrepreneurs in Philadelphia. A local not-for-profit is expected to help give the money out. Robinson and Nelson will be part of a committee to help direct the funds.  

Nelson and Robinson, along with their attorneys, will not claim any portion of the grant money. It will be focused on helping students in public schools learn what it takes to own a business.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said the situation at the Starbucks “evoked a lot of pain” for the city, adding that he’s happy that a settlement could be reached in a “productive manner”.

Starbucks Corp. has already announced it will require over 8,000 stores to go through an afternoon of “racial-bias education” training on May 29. Those stores will be closed for the exercise.

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