Possible mumps outbreak discovered on college campus

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Photo from NBC Philadelphia Photo from NBC Philadelphia

MACOMB, Ill. (WAND) – Leaders at Western Illinois University say several students might have the mumps.

WIU officials say all students who showed symptoms of the mumps will be isolated for five days after showing symptoms. As of Thursday, an official diagnosis of the mumps is not confirmed.

The university says students who may have mumps should stay home instead of immediately going to the Beu Health Center on campus. The virus can be contagious, spreading to other people from music or saliva in the mouth, nose or throat. Coughing, sneezing, kissing, talking and sharing items can cause a new infection.

“If you have mumps symptoms, we need to take precautions during your visit so that we do not infect other patients using the health center,” the school said in a press release.

If a student can’t return home, WIU leaders say quarantine areas are available for use. The school says symptomatic people should call the health center at (309)298-1888 after they’re isolated.

WIU leaders say people should wash their hands often and avoid sharing drinks or utensils whenever possible. They say it’s also best to avoid close contact with a sick person.

Early symptoms of mumps include muscle aches, appetite loss, generalized discomfort, headaches and a low-grade fever. Click here for more information about the WIU situation. 

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