Museum celebrates anniversary milestone

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)--- French Academy and Eisenhower High School decided to honor African-American history by becoming a part of the African-American Cultural and Genealogical Society Museum.

Students have come together to create an educational exhibit that highlights important figures such as Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks.

Not only did these students come to provide visuals, but they incorporated their voices into some of the visuals as well. With this, they hope that they can continue to grab the attention of the younger generation and continue to spread knowledge to the people of Decatur.

 Founder and executive director Evelyn Hood hopes to continue to expand her exhibit and hopefully become one of the largest exhibits in Decatur in the upcoming years.

“We’ve been running this exhibit for 25 years and we are so happy to share three floors of African-American culture. We are the only exhibit in Decatur that has an exhibit that dedicates it to the African-American community. I hope with this, we can continue to share our history and the history of others," she said. 

The African-American Cultural and Genealogical Society Museum is open all year and encourages everyone to come check it out. For more information, visit

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