Pastor's widow discusses the crash that claimed his life


DECATUR, Ill, (WAND) - Warmer temperatures mean more motorcycles on the roads. May marks the start of motorcycle safety awareness month.

On August 17, 2013, a motorcycle crash claimed the life of a predominate figure in the Decatur community. Pastor B.G. Nevitt, of GT Church, was riding his motorcycle to Arthur for a ministry meeting, when a car pulled out in front of him. The two vehicles were unaware of each other's presence. 

His wife, Brenda Nevitt, says accidents like this can happen at any time, to anyone. 

"There was a lot happening that day," Nevitt said. "My daughter was moving, and I had been sick all year. I had my grandkids. I had taken Ella to her ballet lesson, and that's when I got the call." 

Nevitt says all drivers, on bikes or in cars, should be alert at all times. She says the most important step drivers can take is eliminating distractions. 

"There are so many things to distract you, and now-a-days there are so many things to take your eyes off the road," Nevitt says. "A text is not worth a life."

According to Nevitt, B.G. had a bigger-than-life personality. 

"God has really been a strength for me through all of this," Nevitt said. "Somehow he has brought me peace in the midst of grief."

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