South Macon Township Cemetery sees new additions to veteran graves

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MACON, Ill. (WAND) - Members of the Macon Auxiliary noticed many veteran gravestones were weathered and unreadable. 

The members came up with the idea to get temporary grave markers. Member of the Auxiliary, Sue Cole, said she came up with the idea. 

"Three or four of us were together, and I said we ought to find something to do for these veterans that we can't read their stones," Cole said. 

The members were unable to restore the graves due to legal reasons, so they decided to get temporary plaques. 

Member Pat Warnick says the process was time-consuming and took several days to complete.  

"I thought it'd be nice if people could find the grave without hunting so hard," Warnick says.

The group had to get approval from the American Legion and the cemetery. Dawson and Wilkoff donated all of the markers to honor the veterans. 

"We went out and verified what we could, brushing off what we could read, and got the 56 names," Cole said. "We went to Dawson and Wilkoff."

The markers date all the way back to the Civil War. All 56 plaques will be up by Memorial  Day. 

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