Car seat safety check in Decatur

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — Car seat installation continues to be one of the biggest causes of death among children. 

Over the past year, 37,000 people have been involved in a car crash with children inside of the vehicles.  

Decatur’s Illinois Department of Transportation held an information session that walks you down the process. 

“It’s important to bring your instruction guide, car seat, and children in order to adjust the seat correctly," said Decatur Traffic and Safety Liaison Shad Edwards.  

Although that might seem like a simple process, more individuals are seen buying second-hand car seats. However, Edwards highly discourages this due to the simple fact that one might know where the seat has been before. Whether it was a car crash, or it was simply broken, Edwards highly encourages people to purchase their own car seats for toddlers.

“It’s important to continue to prevent car crashes in any way that we can. Each year we see more people coming in to adjust their seats for their kids and we just want everyone to be safe,” he said.

The Illinois Department of Transportation encourages people to reach out to Traffic Safety Liaison Kerisha Fish at 309-307-3334.

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