NOPE! Florida woman finds cockroach in her ear

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Courtesy: Katie Holley via Courtesy: Katie Holley via
Courtesy: Katie Holley via Courtesy: Katie Holley via

MELBOURNE, Fla. (WAND) – A Florida woman made a terrifying discovery one night… when she found a cockroach living in her ear!

In April, Katie Holley told she woke up feeling an odd sensation in an ear. A cotton swab in the bathroom helped her find “skinny black lines” that appeared to be roach legs. Her husband looked further and saw a palmetto bug, then used tweezers to pull out a few legs.

She then took a trip to the emergency room, where Today reports a doctor applied an anesthetic to kill the insect.   Holley said she could feel something “thrashing around” in the ear as the doctor removed part of the roach in three pieces.

The situation hadn’t ended yet, however, as Holley still felt a “heaviness” in the ear nine days later. She went back to a doctor and had six more pieces of the roach removed. It still wasn’t gone, so an ears, nose and throat (ENT) specialist used curved scissors to take out a head, torso and antennae.

Holley told she was hyperventilating and crying at times while dealing with the insect. She didn’t have an anesthetic to numb the ear when visiting the ENT, meaning she could hear the “dragging” and “crunching” noises happening an her head. She called the entire ordeal traumatizing.

The ENT told her what she experienced actually wasn’t very rare, as they pulled a bug from someone else’s ear on the same day. Holley says she can take some comfort on the knowledge that she’s not alone.

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