Motorcycle awareness rally draws bikers from around the state

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Motorcyclists from around gathered in Springfield today, hoping to make roads safer. The riders came for Illinois' annual safety and awareness rally. Organizers say they want drivers to watch for motorcycles while also training bikers on smart riding. 
Last year 162 people died in motorcycle crashes in Illinois. 

Josh Witkowski, a State Legislative Coordinator is spreading the message to all drivers to be safe: "We're seeing a rise in motorcycle fatalities, particularly at intersections. And the number one thing we hear is 'I didn't see them.' Well, take a look at any intersection where people are stopped. You can see them checking their Facebook, their text messages, their emails. Then they get the honk because the light is green, they speed through the intersection, they don't see us, and we end up losing riders because of it.">


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