Prototypes for wheelchair basketball students making difference

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Cenntenial High School AVID scholars and University of Illinois mechanical engineering students came together to elaborate on a couple of prototypes they worked on last year.

Over the course of the semester, both departments came together to propose business plans for their prototypes created to cater the performance for wheelchair basketball student athletes and give them a competitive edge.

“Some students created thermoregulatory paints that are used in athletic wear, compression leggings and jackets. It’s exciting to serve people who have body regulatory issues and we are just happy to help” said AVID teacher Lindsay Aikman.

For these students, being exposed to project-based learning has opened multiple doors for students who are applying to universities.

“Students are now coming up with new majors and thinking about double-majoring and it is incredible to see them want to succeed in the future," Aikman said.

Cenntenial High School hopes to open more doors to the idea of project-based learning to other schools.

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