No bill for Rauner FY19 budget proposal


Illinois State Capitol (WAND) – State budget boss Hans Zigmund admitted during a senate hearing no legislation has been introduced to implement Governor Rauner’s FY19 budget proposal just one day after the Republican governor complained Democrats were “moving very slowly” in putting a budget into place.

The admission by Zigmund came during questioning Wednesday by State Senator Andy Manar, (D) Bunker Hill.

“Is that (Rauner’s budget) filed in legislation today?” Manar asked.

“It has not been filed,” Zigmund responded.  “We do have a draft of the bill prepared and can file it.”

Rauner stood outside of his office on Tuesday and admonished Democrats to get a budget done before the end of the current legislative session later this month.

“The process is moving very slowly.  I would like to see it move more expeditiously.  Time is short,” Rauner stated.

The governor went on to say the legislature should not pass any tax increases.  But Democrats have stated repeatedly throughout the session there will be no tax increases this year.

Rauner’s budget plan calls for transferring teacher pensions from the state to local school districts and universities.  His budget also seeks to cut Medicaid reimbursements to Illinois hospitals by 4 percent.

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