Startling domestic violence increase

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MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) -  Every day police in central Illinois deal with an influx of domestic violence calls. 

WAND News noticed an increase of abuse in police reports and collected 56 domestic violence sworn statements in one month in Macon County alone.

"There is not a day that does by where I don't believe when someone is not getting arrested for domestic violence," Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott said.

Domestic Violence is a problem plaguing central Illinois.

"Macon County historically over the past 25 years is ranked at the top per-capita for the state in domestic violence crimes," Scott explained. 

In numerous sworn statements, police say they sometimes arrive on scene to find victims bruised, beaten and bleeding. Often times the abuser is a repeat offender. 

Teri Ducy, the Director of Domestic Violence Program at Dove, Inc., says the issue brings up a lot of questions.  

"A lot of people who don't understand (domestic abuse) ... their question is going to be why do they go back?" Dove Inc. Domestic Violence Program Director Teri Ducy said.

Instead, she wants people to change their question and ask, "what are the barriers that keep them there?"

In 2017, Dove, Inc. said it served nearly 550 adults and just over 100 kids that were abused.

"Those are just the ones we know," Ducy said, adding that there are many unreported instances. 

Anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or knows someone who deals with the issue is asked to call Dove's  24-hour hotline at 217-423-2238 or call 911. 

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