Apartments add security cams after car vandalism


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- Staff at Timber Cove apartments are adding security cameras after someone vandalized cars parked there.  

Wednesday morning, apartment staff arrived and noticed some cars with flat tires. Ultimately, they found five or six cars with flat tires, said property manager Crystal Steen. Although some of the flat tires had scratch marks or gouges, Steen said those marks did not puncture the tires and the air had simply been let out.

“We take a lot of steps to avoid stuff like this,” Steen said, adding that staff routinely clear brush, maintain lighting and perform security checks.

After finding the cars with flat tires, staff used an air compressor to help re-fill tenants’ tires, Steen said. Management at the apartments have ordered security cameras and will install them when they arrive, she said.

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