Veterans get free dental care


Springfield, Ill (WAND) – Aspen Dental is stepping in to fill a void left by the VA in providing dental care for veterans in need.

Aspen is touring 30 cities across the country providing free dental care for veterans.  It stopped in Springfield with its “MouthMobile” a mobile dental office with two laboratories and an X-Ray machine.

The VA does not provide dental benefits unless the veteran is 100% disabled, was a prisoner of war, or had a service related mouth injury.  This leaves most veterans either trying to pay for dental care out of pocket or using dental insurance.  But many veterans either don’t have dental insurance or the money to pay for the care they need.

Aspen Dental Dr. Sana Khan was among those providing the free care to a group of veterans on Thursday.  Many in desperate need of immediate assistance.

“It’s unfortunate,” Dr. Khan told WAND’s Doug Wolfe, “They’re coming in with infections and abscesses that would hinder just daily chewing and eating functions and just getting them out of pain is what we’re trying to do here.”

Some 400 Aspen Dental offices will provide free dental care during a day of service on June 9th.  

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