Critical rest, relaxation provided to mothers through service

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PAXTON, Ill. (WAND) – Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th.  But what does your mom really want?  Probably sleep!

A Mother’s Rest is a non-profit respite ministry that coordinates with bed and breakfasts all over the country. 

The goal is to give mothers with special needs kids a break.   

Recently, mothers from central Illinois and Indiana met at Timber Creek Bed and Breakfast in Paxton.  The secluded B & B was a getaway for these moms whose kids have varying special needs.

"Motherhood is hard anyway, but when you've got the disability aspect of it - you've got the stress of all the insurance, stress of all the waivers, therapy appointments and getting them everywhere they need to be," said mother Emily Smith.

Facilities like Timber Creek give a discount for mothers of children with disabilities to get away for a weekend.

"We're passing along rooms at a 50% discount and provide breakfast a room for three days," said owner Jim Waldon. "Moms come and go as they please, relax (and) get a good rest."

Smith is a mother of seven kids, three of whom have disabilities. 

“We all need this," she said. "Every mom needs to get away.  And we don't have that opportunity.  We have nobody telling us 'Hey! You need to take a time out.'"

The business gives them 72 hours to do what they want.  The respite retreat is just for them.  There's nothing scheduled, and they're not forced to talk about their joys or struggles with their significant other or special needs kids.

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