Know your Muslim neighborhood: a cultural immersion

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WAND)-- On May 13, 2018 The Muslim American Society (MAS) held an event at the Champaign Public Library to bring communities together to celebrate diversity and unity. The event titled: Know Your Muslim Neighborhood was created for the Champaign community to get to know their Muslims through food, music, henna tattoos, art activities, and posters exhibiting Ramadan.

"I think it's important for the community to understand our religion because their are often assumptions and misunderstandings about what we represent. This event was created to educate non-Muslim's about our culture and to explain how we are not so different. Today is especially important because we are educating people about fasting and why we fast" , says volunteer member Lara Sweid.

MAS hopes to continue to educate the public about their religion and hopes that more people will attend future events. MAS can be contacted through the President of the organization, Ahmed Taha at

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