K9 officer dog training day

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - On Monday, K9 handlers from around the state partnered with the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine to receive training for their partners in crime - their dogs.

The event was held in the Universities Clinical Learning Center. This is the first time the university was given the opportunity to educate the handlers about their dogs. So just like us, the vets were walking down the handlers through CPR, healing a wound and treating any broken bones that these dogs might encounter during a scene.

“It’s important to treat these dogs because they do so much for us. Dental disease in dogs can be quite common and something that can cause them oral pain.So it’s important to have their teeth examined yearly,” said teaching assistant Ashley Mitek.

Mitek also mentioned that the opioid crisis is also an epidemic that is raging, adding that the only way it will be resolved is through these dogs.

“Because these dogs use their noses, they are potentially at risk of inhaling them and becoming ill. So it’s important to explain the types of antidotes these dogs need for opioid overdoses,” says Mitek.

More than 20 police dogs received dental examinations and their handlers were lectured about proper care for their dogs.

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