IEMA: Radioactive material present in pendants

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – Certain pendants sold in Illinois contain radioactive material, state leaders say.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency says pendants marketed as Quantum Pendants or Scalar Energy Pendants have trace amounts of naturally occurring radioactive materials. They use negative ion technology, which means negative ions are embedded in the products.

IEMA leaders say colorful silicone wristbands and athletic tape are also sold with negative ion technology. Those who market the products say the pendants can help people stay healthy and improve their emotional well-being.

An IEMA radiochemistry lab looked at a pendant and found it had thorium and uranium in it, which they believe came from volcanic rock or monazite sands.

“While the radiation levels in these pendants are very low, we believe consumers have the right to know they are being exposed to radiation,” said IEMA Acting Director William P. Robertson. “They can then make an informed decision about whether or not to continue wearing the pendant and, if so, how to reduce exposure.”

The IEMA says there is no immediate health risk, but advised that people recommends people limit exposure during long periods by keeping contact with a pendant to a minimum. They say it might be best to wear one over clothing instead of directly over skin.

Anyone who wants to throw a pendant away can safely put it in the trash, IEMA leaders say.

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