NRA tells people to put sticker's over YETI logo on products


(WAND) - The National Rifle Association is encouraging people to put stickers over the YETI logo on products after the company stopped doing business with them last month.

The NRA distributed 100,000 stickers to cover YETI's name. The stickers were given out for free at their annual meeting in Dallas earlier this month.

YETI said that an outdated program offered to the NRA Foundation and other organizations was done away with and an alternative customization program would be offered.

Some NRA members feel YETI is taking a political stance against the Second Amendment.

The NRA released a statement to members about how to get their point across to YETI:

"Don't blow up your Yeti cooler. Don't shoot your Yeti cooler full of holes. Don't chain your Yeti cooler to the back of your pick-up truck and drag it down the highway. Don't glue a toilet seat to Yeti cooler. Don't hang your Yeti cooler in a tree and beat it with a baseball bat. Put a big "I STAND WITH THE NRA FOUNDATION" sticker on your YETI cooler and keep using it. They cost too much money to destroy to make a statement. Let a sticker make your statement."

The NRA is still offering stickers on their website.

YETI defended the business relationship change with the NRA and released its own statement saying, "YETI is unwavering in our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment."

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