Storms snapped trees, left behind extensive cleanup

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SULLIVAN, Ill. (WAND) – Storm cleanup is expected to take days in central Illinois, according to Sullivan leaders.

The city says crews have spent long hours trying to remove debris after severe storms moved through the area on Tuesday night. Large trees are blocking some roads, while other debris littered several Sullivan parks.

Tabor Park and Wyman Park were closed Wednesday for a period city leaders say could extend to as long as three days.

Debris removal is proving to be a challenge on Wednesday with the ground still wet. Sullivan leaders had to call out some extra help.

“That’s the biggest challenge right now with all the rain,” said Sullivan Cemetery and Park Foreman Herb Bricker. “The ground is soft, so we can’t take the big equipment out into the middle of the park. That might have to wait a few days for that to dry up before we can actually get out there with the big stuff and get it removed, because we don’t want to create more work for ourselves.”

Sullivan leaders want people with small debris in their yards to put it on the side of the road so city workers can pick it up. The city dump is also available for debris deposit. Leaders want people to be patient as debris cleanup continues.

Mattoon has seen a difficult situation as well, with heavy rain proving to be too much for its drainage system. Cars ended up stuck in rushing water on its roads, causing firefighters to have to pull people out.

WAND-TV reached out to Mattoon leaders for an update to storm cleanup and did not immediately hear a response.

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