Lu Lu's Gaming Parlor sees pizza take the prize

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Homemade pizza is paying off for Lu Lu's Gaming Parlor in Decatur. 

 The pizza and gaming Parlor,  tucked away in South Shores on West First Drive, has seen customers clamoring for its homemade pizzas.  Lindy Lu's was first, then came Lu Lu's a few steps away. 

"We were a secret for a while, but not anymore," said co-owner Craig Minor.

That's because you can't miss the smell of what's cooking in the kitchen of Lu Lu's homemade pizzas. 

"It started out just to be an accessory of the gaming industry and then it just took off," Minor said. "It's grown on its own. We haven't done much advertising ... (it's) all been word of mouth and its just taken off."

In fact, Lu Lu's churns out more than 50 pizzas a the Supreme, the Piggy Back an all meat pizza, along with a veggie pizza and a chicken bacon ranch option.

Carl Muench/Co Owner says, "We're the Decatur Tournament of Grub...and we were very proud of that," said co-owner Carl Muench. "A big part of that is the two sauces they developed - one sweet one savory. The other part is the OVENTION, which is the special oven that seems to work non-stop. It can make pizzas quickly and efficiently. We started with one and became busy enough to add another."

Lu Lu's also offers salads and ravioli, and don't forget the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

Soon they plan to add a breakfast pizza called the "Sunrise". 

Carl Muench says, "It starts with a sort of biscuit and gravy base add some eggs on it," Muench said. "It's good ... you could eat pizza all day ... that's right - all day long."

Lu Lu's can be found on Facebook or by calling (217)791-5521. It also offers a full selection of domestic beers.

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