Another Illinois county aiming to preserve the second amendment

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CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Tuesday night, Christian County board members voted to adopt a gun sanctuary resolution. 

Five counties including Effingham, Jefferson, Saline, Perry and Iroquois have already adopted gun sanctuary resolutions. Christian County is now the sixth in the state. 

Republican candidate for the Illinois Senate, Seth McMillan says he wants the whole state to abide by the same gun laws — as long as the second amendment is not being taken away.

"I'm excited we have a grass roots effort to show the legislators in Springfield we are tired as law abiding gun owners seeing our second amendments rights being rolled back," McMillan says.

The resolution passed unanimously Tuesday night, with all 16 board members voting yes. Vicki McMahon says she is not surprised by the vote.

"We're the ones following the rules, we're the ones that get our conceal carry," McMahon says. "We follow the rules ... don't continue to punish us."

McMahon sponsored the resolution, but says she wants legislators to know the people of Christian County do not want any additional gun laws. 

"It's a resolution not an ordinance" McMahon says."A resolution is a belief or view point.It's a message being sent, it's not a law."

The Chairman of the board, Timothy Carlson, says lawmakers should be more concerned with mental illness than guns. 

"Ninety-nine percent wouldn't think about picking one up and hurting anybody. We have to worry about that one percent," Carlson says.

During the meeting, no one stepped forward to speak against the resolution. 

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