Former student in custody for threats leading to Belleville schools closing


BELLEVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - A former student is in custody, accused of making threats that caused two Belleville high schools to cancel classes.

The student threatened another student at Belleville Township High School, police said. They said the threat was credible. The student behind the threats which canceled classes for two Belleville high schools has been placed into custody.

The student's mother told police her son left home early that morning, because he was having relationship problems with his girlfriend who went to Belleville East.

The boy made suicidal comments before leaving home, and a short time later, his mother discovered her handgun was missing.

Police believed he planned to confront his girlfriend and other students.

The SWAT team was called to the East campus to look for the student.

School had already been canceled for the day at that point.

The teen was taken into custody without incident, but it is unclear at this time where he was arrested.

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