Pounds of marijuana mailed to Illinois

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URBANA, Ill. – Investigators seized over 35 pounds of cannabis sent by mail to Champaign County.

The News-Gazette reports the Champaign County Crimes Task Force first found the drugs on May 16 and 17, when they intercepted three packages – 33 pounds in total - of high-grade marijuana. Investigators say one of those packages also had two pounds of “moon rocks”, which are cannabis buds soaked in cannabis oil for a higher THC count.

The task force works with private carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, along with the U.S. Postal Service to find drugs through spot-checks. The newspaper says cannabis is often shipped from west coast states like California, Oregon or Washington. People often pay several thousand dollars per pound of cannabis when they buy it in bulk (10 pounds or more).

On May 15, police discovered a quarter-pound of what’s called cannabis wax in a package meant for a couple in Champaign. Investigators resealed it, then delivered it before searching the home of a couple. They say they found several ounces of cannabis wax, along with 7 pounds of cannabis, cash and close to 100 Ecstasy pills.

Those two suspects are expected in be in court in June, The News-Gazette says. The newspaper says they are the only suspects the task force has identified so far.

The task force says sellers use fake names and addresses, which causes the search for suspects to become even harder for investigators.

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