The winners (by a nose) in top US sniffer dogs competition


GALLOWAY, N.J. (AP) — He's 8 years old, already going gray and loves to unwind by chewing on a white cotton towel.

Hemi is a chocolate Labrador police dog assigned to New Jersey's Stockton University police department. He just won a nationwide contest among dogs trained to sniff out explosives.

Another New Jersey dog, Luna, won the drug-sniffing category. The 5-year-old Belgian Malinois is assigned to the Passaic County Sheriff's Department.

The Detector Dog competition was held last week by the United States Police Canine Association, and featured more than 100 dogs from across the country.

There even were dogs from the FBI, CIA and Mexico's national prosecutor's office.

Sgt. Tracy Stuart is Hemi's handler at Stockton, which hosted this year's competition. He says it's considered the Super Bowl for sniffer dogs.

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