Police: Man held gun in crowd, threatened to shoot

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Maurice Johnson, 20 Maurice Johnson, 20

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A man pointed a gun at a crowd of people and threatened them in Decatur, police say.

A sworn statement from police says it happened Sunday afternoon in the 1200 block of North Church Street, where a crowd of about 20 people stood arguing with each other. Officers say Maurice Johnson, 20, pulled out a dark-colored long gun and pointed it at people on the west side of the street.

Police say Johnson claimed he would “put on a show and start shooting people in the head”.

Officers report hearing from people at the scene that Johnson threw the gun into high weeds on North Church Street. A K-9 search found the gun, which police identified as a Harrington & Richards .410 shotgun. They say someone removed the stock from the gun and sawed off the barrel to the fore grip.

Johnson has a felony conviction for aggravated robbery on his record in Macon County.

His bond is set at $100,000. He is behind bars in the Macon County Jail.

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