Illinois approves Equal Rights Amendment

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – Illinois has joined 36 other states in approving the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The proposed amendment guarantees equal rights for all Americans, no matter what their sex is. The House joined the Senate in approving the measure with 72 yes votes and 45 no votes. The Senate approved it with a 43 to 12 vote in April.

The amendment has been debated at the Illinois Capitol for decades after national lawmakers proposed it in 1972. NBC Chicago reports the House and Senate could never support it in the same year before now, with the House backing it in 1975 and 2003, and the Senate voting for approved in 1972 and 2014.

Some people against the amendment say it can work to mean unrestricted access to abortion.

A total of 15 states failed to ratify the ERA before its original 1982 deadline, but a push to ratify began building after Nevada voted in favor in 2017. People in favor of the amendment believe the deadline might not matter.

Only one more state has to approve the ERA before it becomes an official part of the Constitution.

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