DeWitt County board approves new gun range

Shooting at the Bullet Trap Shooting at the Bullet Trap

CLINTON, Ill. (WAND) — The DeWitt County board unanimously approved a new gun range near Waynesville.

The Le Roy Rifle and Pistol Club wants to move from their current location in McLean County near the Interstate 74 and Route 136 interchange. The reason: the club wants to move from a property it leases to a property it owns.

But the range's new neighbors are worried the project plan is not on target.

"Who's going to police them?" asked Dawn Funderberg. "It's my responsibility."

Funderberg's property butts up against the land the gun club wants to build on. She's worried she will lose $30,000 in property value due to noise and other issues. Other opponents are concerned lead from bullets could make its way into a nearby creek and the range could frequently flood.

To mitigate those issues, the county board added conditions to its approval requiring the gun club to have a sound muffling plan in place and to get approval from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Representatives from Le Roy Rifle and Pistol Club are just excited to partner up with local groups.

"We partner with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts [and] local law enforcement," said club president Tim Dazey. "We do a lot of courses, both range and classroom."

But that's not enough for Funderberg. She says she will use every weapon in her legal arsenal to fight the club.

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