Urbana man shot in drug deal gone wrong arrested by police


URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - An Urbana man who police said was shot in a drug deal gone bad last year has been arrested.

35-year-old Thomas Rasheed was arraigned Tuesday. He is charged with being an armed habitual criminal and manufacture or delivery of cannabis.

Federal marshals found Rasheed outside of Atlanta earlier this month. He was brought back to Champaign County to face charges.

On Dec. 21, police said Rasheed was found in a field across from the Town Center Apartments with gunshot wounds. Officers said he smelled like marijuana.

Bullet casings were found between two buildings. Two bags of weed were found in Rasheed's car.

Officers said they also found a bag with blood on it with two pounds of marijuana stashed inside a grill.

Witnesses told police they saw a man walking with a plastic bag and another man come up, pull a gun, and point it at him.

Rasheed told police he took the gun from that person and pulled his own weapon in defense.

Two other people shot at him, he said. He admitted to officers he hid the drugs inside the grill.

Rasheed will be in court July 31.

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