Eyesore buildings torn down in Taylorville area

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TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WAND) – Taylorville leaders are looking for buildings labeled as eyesores, then tearing them down.

A building the city destroyed Thursday, located off Esther Street, belonged to a 91-year-old man who passed away. His sons, who now own the property, agreed to have it demolished.

“It gives the area a little bit more aesthetic look,” said Mayor Bruce Barry. “It helps make the property values look good. Hopefully … whoever buys this house will probably put up a new garage, and it’ll improve property values and things like that.”

Aldermen are on the lookout for structures that are in bad shape. Once one is found, the homeowner is contacted. That person will then pay the dumpster fees associated with getting the rubble removed.

A total of 16 buildings have gone down since the project started one year ago. The city says it always obtains permission before tearing down a building.

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