Man on probation resentenced to prison following jail fight


URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - A homeless man had been given probation for aggravated domestic battery, but was resentenced to three years in prison after being involved in a jail fight.

22-year-old Paul Foster was sentenced to 30 months of probation in November after he admitted to forcing his way into his ex-girlfriend's apartment in Urbana and hitting her in April 2017.

Charges of home invasion, robbery, and criminal damage to property were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

His probation was revoked when he did not get the partner-abuse prevention training he was ordered to do.

At his resentencing, the prosecution told the judge about evidence linking him to an armed robbery on Feb. 20 at Campus Pantry and about him battering a fellow inmate on April 14.

A police detective told the judge he believed the robbery had been staged, as the victims would not cooperate with officers.

However, the judge decided the attack of another inmate was enough to sentence Foster to three years in prison.

The inmate was bruised, swollen, and cut after being jumped by three inmates who dragged him to another cell where a fourth inmate was waiting.

Foster claimed he acted in self-defense in the jail fight.

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