Memorial Medical Center celebrates Cancer Survivor Day

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - National Cancer Survivor day is June 3 and Memorial Medical Center hosted an event on Saturday in honor of the day. The medical center held a fun and inspiring workshop to educate the public about cancer and inspire cancer patients to keep fighting. 

Participants planted flowers, children painted rocks, and there was a butterfly release. The butterfly is a symbol they use to represent hope for these patients. 

"The butterfly represents hope. When a cancer patient goes through change.When a cancer patient is first diagnosed it's difficult and they go through treatment and it's quite their own story; their own journey. It can be very dark, but they do emerge stronger and it's kind of like the butterflies. They start off as caterpillars, go into the cocoon, and emerge into a new creature" says Community Cancer Coordinator Naomi Wands. 

For future events and how to get involved visit or call Memorial's Healthline at 217-788-3333

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